The Wholegrain Substitutes You Need

Healthy eating is an essential part of keeping you and your body in trim, but for many of us – and for many reasons – grains are not acceptable. There are medical conditions that can mean a grain-free diet is a necessity – those who need gluten-free food for example – and for some people, bread and other wheat products simply do not agree with them. What are considered grains? All of the following need to be eliminated if you wish to live grain free, and it can take some doing: wheat, bran, barley, rye and couscous are the most common, so clearly, bread is not a permissible part of a grain free diet.

One of the biggest problems with needing a grain-free diet is that pasta is a wheat product; for paste lovers this presents a seemingly insurmountable problem, but fortunately there are alternatives that can be added to your diet to replace the missing pasta. Before we go on to tell you about some of these alternatives, we would like to recommend you buy a pasta pot anyway. Why, you’re asking, if you are not eating pasta? To give you more info, let’s have a look at what a pasta pot does.

Why Buy a Pasta Pot?

A pasta pot is a great addition to any kitchen, even if you are not cooking pasta! This is because a pasta pot is a clean and healthy way of cooking – let is explain: a pasta pot is, essentially, a saucepan with a lid. It is a great alternative to a steamer, and can be used for steaming vegetables, which are an excellent part of a grain-free diet. The pasta pot works by boiling water to cook, and having either a removable insert or a ventilated lid, is a safe and easy way of cooking with hot water, which is easy to dispose of.

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Alternatives to Grain

Steamed vegetables make a great alternative to pasta, and you can cook them quickly and easily in your handy pasta pot! Furthermore, you will find that coconut flour is a viable and useful alternative to grain flours, and it can be used in a wide variety of dishes. If you shred zucchini, for example, into thin slices, you can use it as an alternative to pasta noodles, and it is very tasty indeed! Furthermore, don’t forget that potato is allowed in your grain free diet, and there is plenty you can do with this humble yet magnificent vegetable!

All in all, a grain-free diet can be a healthy and enjoyable one, and the above are just some of the ideas we came up with. Search the web, and you will find many, many more!