It can be much harder to wash yourself safely in the shower or bath as you grow older or develop mobility issues, and that’s why you should adapt using mobility equipment. For instance, investing in a standing shower foot scrubber Brush can be a wise decision as such equipment can lessen the hassles of cleaning the feet properly. On a similar note, the shower stool is a perfectly workable solution that lets you sit in a shower enclosure instead of having to stand, but you might be better off investing in a bath lift instead.

A bath lift fits with any standard bath and uses belts to lower you in and out of the water. Here are just three reasons why you should use one instead of a shower stool.

  1. Relaxation

Most people would agree that it’s more relaxing to lie in the bath than it is to sit on a shower stool. Of course, a shower stool will still be appreciated since you don’t have to stand for long periods, but you have to either sit partially outside the fall of water or direct the shower attachment over yourself. In either case, it’s not very relaxing. With a bath lift, you’re gently lowered up and down, so the whole experience feels far more relaxing.

  1. Complete Immersion

One of the advantages that comes with having a bath is being able to immerse your entire body. This comes with significant therapeutic benefits for people who suffer from mobility problems. Your body will be slightly buoyant, so pressure points are reduced. More importantly, the entire body is submerged in warm water. The heat of a warm bath helps improve circulation and ease tension in your joints and muscles. In a shower, you’re never immersed at all.

  1. Safety

Finally, a bath lift is generally safer than a shower stool since there is less effort involved. When you use a shower stool, you still need to pull yourself up from a seated position, and you’ll normally need to lift your leg over a significant lip as you exit the shower enclosure. A bath lift will lift you right up, so all you need to do is rotate your body and put both feet firmly on the floor.