Sport can be a great hobby and a fun way to keep fit, but it isn’t a cheap pursuit. No matter what sport takes your fancy, there are costs to consider. From membership fees and equipment to clothing and training sessions, starting a new fitness activity can be more expensive than you think. Often, sports require players to have a lot of equipment, so it might be worth looking for a sport that doesn’t require too much equipment, such as lacrosse. To play that, all you need is a lax stick, lacrosse head and a shaft. Then, you should be able to play lacrosse.

However, you can’t put a price on the benefits of being physically active. As well as enhancing your physical health, taking up a sport can boost your mood and improve your wellbeing. If you want to try a new sport or hobby this year, take a look at these top three ways to fund your new interest.

1. Look for Second-hand Equipment

Buying brand new sports equipment can easily run to hundreds of pounds. Whether you’re shopping for a football kit, a hockey stick or a tennis racquet, you’ll pay a considerable amount for the best brands. However, you don’t have to pay top dollar to access the materials you need.

There are plenty of platforms for purchasing used sports equipment, both online and in your local community. When using internet marketplaces, you can find almost any piece of equipment you need, often for a fraction of the retail price. Similarly, offline second-hand sales can save you cash too. Many community groups focus on freecycling or upcycling, so you might even find that what you’re looking for is available free of charge!

2. Take Out a Short-term Loan

If your membership subs are due or the season is about to begin, you may need to access funds quickly. Many sports groups have limited sign up sessions, which means you’ll need to meet their deadline if you want to take part. With short-term financing, you can cover the cost of your new sporting hobby with minimal hassle.

Fortunately, a short-term loan is ideal for any type of sporting cost. No matter what your requirements, you’ll find you can access great deals on 300 or 500 loans quickly and easily. Of course, variable loan options are always available, so its easy to amend your desired loan amount and length.

3. Secure Sponsorship

If your new sporting venture involves setting up a club or launching a new local team, you might find that sponsorship is a viable funding option. With support from businesses and organisations, you could secure funding for equipment, pitch hire or court rental in return for advertising. When you’re taking part in a team sport, sponsorship is a great way to cover your costs.

Start Your New Sport Today

If you’re eager to try something new or you want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, it’s important to strike while the iron is hot. Don’t let financial worries prevent you from taking the next step.

Motivation may not last forever, so you’ll want to start taking part sooner, rather than later. With these sure-fire funding options, you can access the equipment you need to get started with your new sporting interest right away.