Are you thinking about getting your first pet but are unsure if it is the right decision? If yes, you may be interested to know about the multitude of benefits of pet ownership. Yes, there are responsibilities to owning a pet, and you’ll need to take them to the vet and give them treats and medications (be they ones from Serenity or anywhere else), but whether you live alone, with a partner, or you have kids, owning a pet has the potential to bring so much joy to your life. Keep reading to discover the top five benefits of pet ownership.

1.   Improved health & fitness

Depending on the type of pet you choose, you can expect to enjoy a whole host of health benefits, including improved fitness levels, better cardiovascular health, and a lower risk of obesity.

Furthermore, even if you choose a pet that doesn’t require walking, such as a cat, rabbit, or ferret, research suggests that the simple act of stroking your pet can help you to de-stress and lower your blood pressure. With so many health benefits offered to you simply by having your pet present in your home, it is important to make sure that you are also considering their health. Every good owner should be prioritizing their pet’s health regardless of the fact that if you can keep your pet healthy, you can keep you and your family healthy. Therefore, make sure you find out where your local animal hospital is, such as Colonial Animal Hospital, which is located in South West Florida and offers both routine veterinary checks and emergency care for a wide range of animals.

2.   Companionship

If you live alone or you struggle to make friends, a pet can make a great companion. With the unique ability to make you laugh, cheer you up when you are feeling down, and offer a non-judgmental shoulder to cry on, a pet can lift your entire mood even without saying a single word.

Plus, if you choose a dog as your pet of choice, it will get you out and about and hopefully help you to meet other like-minded people at the local dog park or around your neighborhood.

3.   Enhanced empathy

For those who have young children, getting a pet offers you the chance to teach them so many important life skills, including empathy, kindness, and responsibility. It can also help to build up their confidence levels, transforming a shy child into a self-assured one.

Some children even enjoy reading to their pets which in turn helps to improve their literary skills.

4.   Safety

Not everyone likes being alone in their own home, but having a cat or dog can make you feel safer. Furthermore, if you are particularly concerned about intruders or theft in your area, you should know that burglars are much less likely to target a property that is clearly home to a dog. You could even pick a breed that is known for making a good guard dog, such as Bullmastiff or a Bulldog.

5.   Unconditional love

Arguably the best aspect of owning a pet, whether this is a dog, cat, or even a guinea pig, is that they will always show you love and affection no matter what. All you need to do this feed them and be there for them, and you will always be met with a wagging tail or a loud purr.