While you might have enjoyed an indulgent weekend at the time, you might be finding it a struggle to swiftly recover and get back into your daily routine. If you’ve drunk too much alcohol, slept too little, and are now paying the price for your behavior, you’ll want to restore your body as soon as possible.

Rather than telling yourself an unforgettable night wasn’t worth the pain, simply look for ways to recover from a weekend of too much drinking or partying. To help you battle tiredness, eliminate hangover symptoms, and beat lethargy, all you need to do is follow the five ways to recover after a long weekend.

  1. Get Back into a Normal Sleep Pattern

A long weekend could have involved more than one late night. While it might have felt more than worth it at the time, you might be regretting your decision now, as you could be feeling increasingly tired and irritable. If you want to reset your body clock and improve your energy levels and focus, you should try to get back into a normal sleep pattern once the weekend is over.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour and aim to wake up at a normal time. This will ensure you return to work feeling both healthy and happy, so no-one would guess you had enjoyed many a late night over the weekend.

  1. Schedule an IV Therapy

Give your body a big burst of energy by scheduling an IV therapy from Reset IV. The pain-free treatment will be administered by a registered nurse, who will provide your body with much-needed fluids and vitamins, which can help your body to either prepare or recover from a big night. You will also be bursting with energy, which will ensure you don’t regret one moment of your weekend.

  1. Focus on Healthy Eating

If you’re struggling with a hangover or are feeling generally lethargic, you might be tempted to call for takeout to prevent hunger and increase your energy. However, instead of reaching for foods filled with saturated fat that will make you feel even worse, you should focus on healthy eating.

Vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, and lean proteins will provide your body with essential nutrients, which will make you feel fighting fit and ready to take on the world. A juice shot or rescue shot full of vitamins and electrolytes will also help you to undo some of the damage caused to your health and waistline over the weekend.

  1. Skip the Cup of Coffee

Many people often believe coffee is the perfect solution for a hangover, as it can increase their energy levels and focus. However, you should skip the cup of joe after a heavy weekend, as caffeine can lead to dehydration.

  1. Drink Herbal Tea

The morning after the night before, you should drink some herbal tea, such as chamomile, mint, or fennel. They can often calm, soothe and relax your swirling stomach. What’s more, they can reportedly ease indigestion and headaches if you add in a teaspoon of honey.