A lot of people make plans to incorporate more exercise into their everyday routine. But, whether you are planning to stick to some light cardio or whether you are following the Coolcicada lifting program to get some serious gains, there are some things which you will need.

If you want to stick to your new workout routine to develop a healthier, happier, and fitter body in 2019, you must ensure your gym bag is filled with the right equipment. Here are seven must-have items that could aid your performance and can make physical activity much more enjoyable.

  1. A Reusable Water Bottle

If you want to boost your energy levels, maintain excellent health and push your body harder during a workout, you will need to stay hydrated during exercise. A reusable water bottle is, therefore, a critical item, as it will allow you to fill up your bottle with water from a fountain while saving money on bottled water each session.

  1. Breathable Workout Gear

Cotton is not your friend during a workout, as it can cling to your skin and make you feel anything but comfortable. Instead, you must wear breathable workout gear to increase your comfort, which will allow you to dedicate 100% of your focus on completing an exercise. For example, All Day Alba provide fashionable, high-quality activewear that can wick moisture, deodorize your body and stretch in harmony with your movements.

  1. Clean, Fresh Towels

One item you must add into your gym bag is a fresh, clean towel. Rather than relying on gym towels, which will have been used by many members, bring your own from home. It can help you to dab away any shine on your skin quickly, and you’ll also need an extra towel to wipe down any equipment both before and after use.

  1. A Protein Snack

Give your body the energy it is craving after a workout by packing a protein snack in your gym bag. There are a variety of options you should consume, such as a protein bar or shake, fruit, or walnuts. In addition to boosting your energy, a snack can help to regulate your blood sugar levels while supporting the healing process.

  1. Shower Essentials

After working up a sweat during exercise, you’ll be eager to jump into the shower after a workout. To feel comfortable and clean as soon as possible, ensure you pack the following items in your gym bag:

  • A lightly scented body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

As a result, you will leave the gym feeling fit, healthy and squeaky clean.

  1. A Pair of Headphones

Listening to a workout playlist can motivate you to work harder than ever to reach or exceed your goals. What’s more, your favorite songs can make half an hour on a treadmill or rowing machine quickly pass you by. So, never leave home without a high-quality pair of headphones in your gym bag.

  1. A Hairbrush

It’s likely your hair will look a little unkempt after an intensive exercise, which is why you should pack a hairbrush in your bag. It will allow you to smooth out frizz or loosen up tangles, so you can feel neat and tidy once you head out of a gym or dance class.