The fastest way to build muscle is through consistent workout and diet. Combine these two factors and you will have a solid foundation to build upon. You can either do weight lifting or body weight exercises. We recommend body weight since you are not targeting specific muscles with each exercise. You just need to keep the weights where they belong and do your workout.

This is a simple at-home workout but it is effective. Squats can be done in a sitting position and by bending your knees slightly, you will be keeping your lower back straight. Hold the bar with your feet shoulder width apart, raise the bar until it is pointing towards your shins. Do not forget to lower the weights slowly into the starting position.

These two exercises are both advanced bodyweight exercises that will give you the ability to pull-up. The first is a compound movement that is the same as doing a pull-up except you will be doing it with your own bodyweight. The second advanced bodyweight exercise is a pull-up with a preacher curl machine.

Another pair of workouts you might find in a fitness gym is push ups and chin ups. These are basic moves that are used in most every fitness routine. Chin-ups involve pushing your entire body against the side of the door. Pushing your chest up towards the ceiling will help to increase your strength. Pushups are very easy to learn and can be done quickly and without much effort.

Three exercises, pull-ups, lunges, and squats can all be done at home. Lunges involve stepping sideways, then bending over and moving your knees out in front of you. You will use a PVC or thick piece of pipe. To do the lunges properly, step sideways until you are almost at a 90 degree angle to the pipe. Then stand back up and repeat.

Another set of three exercises you can do at home that will help you get started on your beginner at home workout is chin-ups and oblique crunches. Chin-ups are made by lifting your chin towards the door with your chin between your shoulder blades. Then bring your upper body to a point where your body forms a straight line from your chin to your feet. Next, pull your shoulders back until they are at or just below the level of your hip bone. Let your upper body hang and feel the stretch.

Other sets of beginner at home workout includes complete routine for abs, total body, plank planks and triangle planks. All of these exercise sets will get you started to your goal of looking like Batman when you train like Batman. However, if you don’t like a full routine of ab work, you can omit those exercises from your planks. Triangle planks will train your core muscles better than complete routine for abs.

Your final two sets of exercises for your home workout are playground circuit and bonus no-equipment workout. Playground circuit will include jumping jacks, bicycle, and balance board. Bonus no-equipment workout will include push-ups, sit-ups, and stretches.

Each of these exercise plans is designed to give you a full set of abs exercises in one workout. They are not meant to be the most efficient use of your time but instead a fun way to tone your abs. The exercises are designed in a way that you only spend about five minutes in the office or on the playground. With the playground circuit plan, you spend more time doing the exercises than actually working out. This is the case with almost every workout plan available.

The choice between complete routine for abs and bonus no-equipment plan is largely depends on how much time you have to invest. If you are a morning person, then the bonus planks will give you more time for other activities and you may not have enough time to complete the whole sequence. If you are not a morning person, then the complete routine for abs will get you much time. However, if you have a lot of free time, then complete routine for abs will be more beneficial as it is designed in such a way that you spend very little time exercising. This is the case with almost every workout plan available.

In this next level of abs workout, you will do crossovers and partial squats in succession. You can do them by using a quarter inch of weight each side and standing on both feet. You should use a single dumbbell. The first step is to lie on your stomach and make an effort to bring up your rib cage so that your head is about six inches above the floor.

After doing this, you should switch positions and bring the dumbbells down to position just above the ground. You should do the same thing to the second position but this time, raise the dumbbells only an inch. For the third position, raise the weights to about six inches and repeat all these exercises until you feel that you have reached your previously told shape. If you feel that you need more at-home workouts to tone your abs, then you should purchase them from an online retailer.