Healthy mind, body and spirit. I am more than convinced that this is something what you have heard already before. I want to dedicate this article to the Healthy body part. No matter what age we are in, we should keep our bodies healthy and do some type of activities. I will show you 3 different types of how to keep your body healthy and variety of workouts so you can find the one which is the right for you.

Types of exercises

  1. Aerobic Exercise or if you prefer different name, you can call it cardio. I know that lot of people struggle with this part because it is hard and you really have to work out hard while doing it and concentrate. While doing cardio your body is focusing on increasing your heart rate so you breath faster and it is harder for you. Usually your whole body is working out so it works your muscles. Some examples of cardio : running, spinning, rowing machine, stair master, swimming etc.
  2. Strength/Resistance Exercise for me personally this is the best part of working out. I love strength training. In this type of working out you will really use your muscles and building them up, not only that it is making your body looking more toned, it also has benefits for you body postures and making you stronger in regular daily activities. for this type of workouts you will use barbells, weight plates, dumbbells, weight machines, kettle bells etc. You will be lifting weights (but be careful, especially if you are beginner – start with less and you can always add more weight) and work on the part of the body what you will choose on the certain day. Remember that you should always work on your whole body and separate it into different days.
  3. Flexibility exercise or you can also call it range of motion exercise or simply stretching. This is really important part of working out, even tho it might not seem like it. Your muscles are sore after either cardio or lifting weights and it needs to cool down and this is how you can help it. In this category we are putting yoga, pilates or just simple stretching with no equipment. I would highly recommend using roller after your workouts because you will definitely be able to tell which part of body is sore the most.

Now that I have introduced you to all types of exercises what we can do, I would like to give you little bit more informations. To achieve the best results, the best thing what you can do is do all of these exercises together (60% of strength, 30% of cardio and 10% of stretching). If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can workout from home and buy few equipments which are gonna help you. To find good brand for the equipment – Omd√∂mesStalle has amazing reviews of products and brands, so you know that your are buying the right products.