Look, we’re definitely going to take our sweet time about it, but myself and a couple of peers are contemplating the opening of what is likely to be a really unique restaurant in our hometown, with somewhat of a paradoxical focus on cuisines from all over the world. As cosmopolitan as it’s likely going to be in this way however, the restaurant will definitely need to have some kind of specialty. It will need some kind of dominating cuisine, and perhaps to the surprise of many of our readers here, it appears as if the rich tastes of the city of Prague are going to make for that dominant speciality!

Why Czech cuisine, though?

So you’d be right in your observation that Czech cuisine probably doesn’t rank amongst the many cuisines which come into automatic consideration for any restaurant’s specialty, but that’s exactly what makes it a great choice for us! I’ve personally been to Prague, particularly the New Town Quarter, and since then, every time I taste certain dishes prepared like they’re prepared in that part of the world, I get transported back to scene of some breathtaking shows at night in Prague amongst many other experiences which complement the typical dining experience. I mean sure, there are some traditional dishes which are synonymous with the Czech Republic, accounting for “must-try” dishes if you ever visit that part of the world, but if you take a closer look at these dishes you’d probably realise that they’re pretty much just a local variation of popular dishes which perhaps make for a staple diet in some other countries around the world.

Roasted pork for example (locally known as Vepřo knedlo zelo) is probably one of if not the most traditional Czech dish you can enjoy at a restaurant, but it’s still roast pork, isn’t it? They do indeed serve it really deliciously over there – basically you get dumplings and a pickled cabbage side with your roasted pork, making for a culinary adventure disguised as somewhat of a very standard and basic dish!

I can go on about many other traditional dishes and tastes of Prague as a whole, but the city’s New Town Quarter in particular inspired the nominated focus on Czech cuisine for the restaurant. I think we should decorate it as such too, drawing inspiration from what is mainly a reconstructed area with Wenceslas Square as the main attraction. The experience of how things are done in this part of Prague would be recreated perhaps with our offering to the guests to at least enjoy a window into what life is like over there. Basically the rich tastes of the land as offered in the many restaurants close to the main entertainment areas suggest that food and great food in particular forms an integral part of all other experiences which are to be enjoyed in life.

I believe that given the right environment surrounding the dining area, a simple dish which is traditional to the Czech Republic, like marinated sirloin, would indeed instantly transport anyone enjoying it right to Prague’s New Town Quarter, making for a much richer culinary experience they can enjoy without even jumping on a plane!