Do you have that excess weight holding you down? (Pun intended).Since we know that a proper diet is a half of losing weight; half to working out. No one can imagine having a body of their choice or an optimum performance in sports without a proper diet. Protein shakes are normally used by gym-freaks because it can easily be prepared from day-to-day items. But the problem is that these protein shakes contain a high amount of protein and carbs and are thus less effective. But what if you can’t put those cookies down? It’s easier for people who don’t have to lose weight but people with slow metabolism have to deal with this pain and it is unbearable!

Fret no more, my overweight friends, in this guide, you will learn about various kinds of cookies which will actually help you in losing weight!

Low-carb Keto rich cookies

Carbs are the enemies of our body, especially for people trying to lose weight, thanks to low-carb keto cookies we all have a chance of enjoying delicious cookies without the fear of gaining any harmful materials in our body! These are flourless cookies, or you can use almond flour to create these as well to give you that extra protein. These cookies will help you avoid a cheat day so that you can get that sweet and chewy enjoyment of cookies back in your life without the risk of it ruining your workout!

In these cookies, you can use chocolate, ginger, and coconut as sweeteners instead of sugar making it completely flourless, sugarless and low-carb! Making it the ideal sweet snack for a person needing to lose weight.

Oatmeal Cookies

Is Oatmeal not the best discovery of our century? It is low carb, chewy and delicious! Any regular at the gym know that Oatmeal is the best complete meal that one can enjoy without the fear of additional carbs. Thanks to the genius of gym freaks that needed a low-carb sweet treat; The oatmeal cookies came into being in which chunks of dark chocolates can be introduced to further promote weight loss and provide you a treat filled with fibers and grains.

Vanilla Shortbread

Who can deny the sweet taste of vanilla? Baked in coconut oil and sweetened with low-sugar vanilla, these are also a great treat for people looking to get a low-carb sweet treat without risking their physique. Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and ground cloves give these cookies a chai-taste which is out of this world in benefits.


Sugar and carbs are the biggest enemies of the body and unfortunately, most of our sweet treats are filled with these. Thanks to the inventors of low-carb and low-sugar sweet treats, people pursuing a weight loss can also enjoy delicious cookies without compromising their work out regimes.

Say goodbye to cheat days as, after the invention of low carb cookies, no one of us would want to waste an entire day eating junk food when we can get a similar taste without losing precious hours of working out!