For those looking for a world-renowned hand surgeon, it is ideal to choose someone who has an extensive experience in various cases and specializations. A hand surgeon who is board-certified and someone who has hundreds of great reviews and positive feedback can provide you with the peace of mind and reassurance that you need in order for your treatment, operation, and recovery to be truly successful.

Dr. Kolovich is an award-winning hand surgeon and is known to be the best orthopedic surgeon in the United States of America. He is the President of Georgia Society for Surgery of the Hand (GSSH) and is also the Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Micro C Imaging, where he co-developed a breakthrough handheld fluoroscopy medical device. He is the recipient of a great number of awards and recognitions. Dr. Kolovich graduated cum laude from the Ohio State University and attended Harvard University where he focused on Hand and Microsurgery. His years of experience, incredible bedside manner, professionalism, and compassion have made him a top favorite hand doctor/orthopedic surgeon.

In finding the best hand surgeon, it is a must that you are confident and secure in choosing the best doctor who will help you with your recovery. To regain your once active lifestyle and get back to your healthy and active routine is just some of the major goals of most patients. To achieve this, one should be well-informed, encouraged, and motivated so a doctor who is empathic, uplifting, honest, and a joy to communicate with is an excellent choice in finding a perfect hand surgeon for you. Dr. Kolovich has received wondrous feedback about his positive demeanor which is backed by his impressive educational and professional experience.

The following suggestions are essential to consider when choosing a hand surgeon:

1. Research online for the best hand surgeons and carefully read the feedback and reviews. The doctor review sites like Healthgrades is a great tool for you to know the background of a doctor and how they handle their patients well. These doctor review sites provide information about the educational attainments and work experiences of doctors and the reviews from their real patients can give you an idea on how they deal with cases, thus giving you a wise decision.

2. When communicating with your doctor, be honest and open. Discuss your medical conditions, your questions, what you would like to achieve, and be comfortable to tell anything that worries you or anything that needs your attention so that you are able to come up to an informed decision. Transparency is highly important for a successful doctor-patient relationship. Do not hesitate to tell your doctor what you feel and what your goals are.

3. Having a hand surgeon who is very much informed and familiar with the most advanced technologies and modern surgical methods will help you achieve success on your treatment and operation. The traditional methodologies are of course still helpful but a doctor who is trained, experienced, and knowledgeable in operating and utilizing the modern and innovative technologies as well as state-of-the-art tools will surely help you attain a speedy recovery.

4. Be sure to select a hand surgeon who has a strong track record of successful treatments, therapies, and surgeries. Their wealth of experience and vast knowledge will give you the peace of mind, knowing that the doctor who takes care of you is competent and efficient.

5. You may Google search online for the best hand surgeons in your area or ask your family or friends for any recommendations on how their hand surgeon has dealt with them before and after their operation.

6. A hand surgeon who has an outstanding record of successful surgeries is the perfect choice. An expert surgeon doctor who can provide general surgery, hand surgery, wrist surgery, hip and knee orthopedics, pediatric orthopedic surgeries, sports medicine, and more, is a truly competent doctor. You may request an appointment with Dr. Gregory Kolovich via the OptimHealth website.

7. Double check if your health insurance covers your hand surgery procedure so as to lessen your medical expenses.

Evaluate your hand doctor’s credentials, background, and experience. Chances are, if he graduated with honors, have attended a prestigious university, and belongs to various medical associations and organizations, the doctor is high-caliber which guarantees the success of your operation and treatment, that will enable you to go back to your normal activities quickly.