Why Use Cannabis Oil At All?

There are probably a dozen different ways you could get the THC and/or CBD in cannabis into your system. Traditionally, most people smoke the actual flower, using bongs, pipes or joints as the delivery vehicle. You can even buy bongs online if you are thinking about trying something new. Or maybe, you could learn how to bake weed brownies instead. Some users often buy the plant from a dispensary, however, some states allow their users to grow their own cannabis plant for personal use, with some buying 420 weed seeds online or through a local dispensary. In the days since legalization, edibles have become more popular among cannabis users as well – products ranging from baked goods to elixirs to candies.

Cannabis oil is simply oil extracted from the cannabis plant – this can be CBD oil or something stronger. Many times these oils are used as cartridges in vaping devices that deliver their cannabinol – and therefore their healing and mood-improving qualities – faster than consuming or smoking the cannabis. Some users find that using live resin is an affordable and easier method of consumption since, with the use of a resin device, you can store some of the resin for later. Resin has also been found to have great pain treatment properties.

The Top Five Cannabis Oil Products

When we talk about our top five faves, that doesn’t mean our only five faves. There are loads of fantastic GrassDoor cannabis oil products and you shouldn’t hesitate to explore all your options. You may be the kind of cannabis user who settles on one strain or one product – or a small range of strains and products – and never strays. Or you might be the kind of user who sees cannabis use as a lifelong process of experimentation. Either way, here are five solid cannabis oil products that you’re sure to love.

Stiizy Blue Dream Sativa. Blue Dream comes on strong with a rich herbal-and-berry flavor, offering an energizing high that’s perfect for social gatherings and nights out. A perennial favorite among weed enthusiasts worldwide, Blue Dream is an iconic strain that’s proven its value time and again over the years (but don’t let that fool you; it’s great for new users too). For medicinal users, it offers relief of symptoms like pain, nausea and anxiety without lethargy or sluggishness.

Pax Pods GDP Indica. Have you ever wanted to relax your whole body? This is the strain for you. A quintessential indica strain, GDP reaches out to every corner of every nerve ending to help you achieve perfect physical tranquility. But it’ll also relax your mind, bringing with it a sense of cerebral euphoria that’ll have you visiting the outer reaches of the galaxy. Its flavor profile is sweet, with strong hints of lavender and honey.

Pax Pods Sour Diesel Sativa. A classic strain, Sour Diesel gets its name from its pungent odor. Rejuvenating and energizing, it’ll relax you without sedating you at all. Great for dealing with depression and glumness, Sour Diesel lifts your spirits and motivates you. Perfect for artists, writers and musicians, it also helps boost creative thoughts and energy without clouding your ability to think clearly. It also has a very cannabis-friendly origin story, allegedly beginning life as a bundle of seeds at a Grateful Dead concert at Mile High Stadium in Colorado in ’91.

Select Durban Poison Sativa. Taking its name from a port city in South Africa, Durban Poison is another classic sativa strain offering an uplifting, clear-headed effect that helps creativity, workflow and social interaction. Its sweet, piney scent combines with citrusy aftertaste to feel like it’s perpetually a late summer afternoon in the leafy glades of Elysian Park. This is another solid choice for anyone who wants to boost their mental clarity and seize the day.

Bloom Farms Daytime Sativa. Like its name says, this cannabis oil product is perfect for mornings and afternoons, providing an enthusiastic and energetic state of good vibes and overall well-being. Carrying a flavor that’s probably best described as understated citrus, Daytime also has a rich, earthy scent. While there’s a bit of a body high, it’s not so pronounced that it’ll distract you from the energy coursing through your brain.