All the sports fans around the world are super excited and super anxious as the much-awaited world cup tournament is on the horizon. This tournament is one of the largest and the most celebrated events in the world. Best national teams from all around the world compete with each other to establish themselves as the best. People from all the continents and cultures unite together in this fever of football and forget all their differences, at least for a month. People who can afford, watch the sport in the stadium where it is played and people who can not afford this luxury often choose to watch it on television. However, with the technological advancement, any one can watch world cup live online any time and from anywhere they want. Almost everybody has the habit of munching on snacks while watching a sport. While watching a sport people often get anxious or nervous. So, they often tend to eat small snacks which help to release the stress. This is called stress-eating. But every snack is not good for our body and having too much junk can cause serious and long-term harm to our body. In this article, I will be talking about four heathy snacks that you can devour while you watch world cup live online.


Are you always hungry? Are you always wondering about what to eat while watching the world cup? Instead of jumping on some unhealthy snack food, you can opt for some healthy ones. Popcorn comes first on my list. I know what you are thinking right now. Is popcorn really healthy? The answer is ‘yes’. The popcorn that we have in movie theatres is oil popped and artificially flavoured. That is obviously no good to health. But the air popped popcorn contains less calories and synthetic colours than the oil popped ones. So, this time, when you and your friends watch world cup live online, make sure to sit with a bowl of hot, air popped popcorn.

Banana Chips

The next on my list is banana chips. If you are addicted to fitness, you must be thinking of avoiding banana chips or any kind of chips. But munching banana chips while watching world cup is a pleasure that no one should miss. Banana chips come from dry bananas. You can add some sugar or spice to make the taste more interesting. The deep-fried banana chips available in the market contain saturated fat. Over consumption of this fat may cause diabetes type 2. So, you should always go for oven baked banana chips. You can watch world cup live online and have banana chips but having it daily may cause adverse effect on your health.

Apple Slices with Almond Butter

If you are extremely health conscious and spend a lot of time on your fitness, you may want to avoid popcorn and banana chips. In that case, you can try apple slices with almond butter when you watch world cup live online. As you will be busy watching the game you may not want to make something that requires much time and effort. Apple slice with almond butter is extremely easy to prepare and does not require much time. All you have to do is to slice the apple and put some almond butter on it. You can also garnish it with sliced banana, sliced pear or sliced dates.

Oatmeal Cookies

If you are always hungry and have a sweet tooth, you can have oatmeal cookies in place of unhealthy chocolate or ice cream. Oatmeal cookie is quite healthy, healthier than other types of cookies. It gives us a good amount of fibre which helps to lower the risk of any heart disease. It also supplies us important minerals like iron. The cookies will be healthier if you make it on your own.