The main reason why we take out gym memberships is really so that we can easily get access to all we need for a full-body workout, isn’t it? But on the other hand, we could very well stock up our home gyms, gradually if we don’t quite have the money to buy all the equipment, so there must surely be another reason we insist on going to the gym.

Is it for the social interactions we get to enjoy with other gym-goers? Is it so that we can stay motivated to actually do some meaningful work as we’re pushed to think about the effort it takes to merely make our way to the gym? Are the gym membership fees perhaps a motivation tool as well?

Either way, if you really wanted to, you could get a full and effective body workout without any of the fancy equipment, which granted makes things that much easier. You can get all the exercise you need to reap the benefits of such physical activity in the comfort of your own home, something which you might need to start getting accustomed to given how things are going globally (the health pandemic).

That’s where something like a vibrating massage ball comes in handy, because ultimately it can help you go through the full range of ideal warm-up and even exercise motions required to keep your home workout sessions effective.

What is a vibrating massage ball?

A vibrating massage ball is a design improvement on a standard foam roller, with the function of the integrated oscillation that accounts for its vibration feature. You get more than just the benefits of the effects of being able to roll the targeted body muscle groups over the tool, with the simultaneous delivery of a deeper tissue percussion massage. So basically it essentially eliminates the explicit need for the use of your own body weight in conjunction with movement to ensure the delivery of the effects of “rolling.”

Home workout significance

Any ordinary foam roller is intended for uses which cover the recreation of a sports massage, but its versatility allows users to deploy it for warming up and cooling down, before and after a workout, respectively, but also during a workout. Add the vibration function and a have what is aptly referred to as a vibrating massage ball, which enhances the whole experience.

Its significance to the home workout environment resides in cutting out the need to jump in the car, drive to the gym and perhaps pay for a session with a massage therapist to complement your workouts. However, you may find a private house massage suits your schedule too. Its continued use will have you noticing an improvement in flexibility, strengthening of your core muscles, improvement of your balance and you’ll also notice the benefits of what is essentially just improved blood circulation.

There are many ways to target different parts of your body, including calves, the lower back, hamstrings, iliotibial tract, shoulders, glutes, quads, isolated quads and your feet. Try the plank challenge as attempted with a vibrating massage ball and you’ll realise that it can make for all you need for a complete home workout, including the pre and post-workout warm-up and cooling down.