There are an astonishing 90 million dogs in households in the US and research into people who have a pet dog have been linked with a vast amount of positive effects. From improving your mood, social life and even help improve severe depression and anxiety, a dog can be very comforting and provide a vast enhancement in your life.


Both humans and dogs need exercise. Walking your dog will keep you both fit and healthy physically and mentally. Research studies from health researchers; clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists and Doctors have found a common link between exercising and the improvement of mood and decrease in anxiety and depression. It all comes down to science; when you exercise endorphins are released which help increase feelings of euphoria and general well-being.  Serotonin is another chemical that is increased when exercising. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps regulate mood and too little can cause low mood, anxiety and depression. Thus when people exercise, they feel happier and calmer because of the increase of chemicals in their brain. If something is negatively impacting you from exercising such as being overweight try and take action against this. If you find it uncomfortable to exercise because of the shape of your breasts like many women do, why not consider professional advice on how you can combat this with Dr Choy.

Friendly Companion

No one is alone if they have their dog with them. This is ideal for older people who might not have many friends, family and need some companionship. A dog is a perfect companion for a person living alone to give them a reason to get up and be active and productive. You can talk to your dog, walk them, play with them and even watch TV together; they’re just like a person but more fluffy and cuddly!

The company of a dog saves peoples lives; it helps people, in particular, older people who often struggle becoming lonely, feel less isolated.

Most dogs are very sociable, they are curious and through their nose, they discover and explore the great open world. Their socialness gives you a chance to meet other dog owners and walkers. I have spoken to hundreds of people because of my dog. I have even made a couple of friends; we meet up to talk our dogs together and now even meet up without the dogs (don’t tell them!). Having a dog allows you to get out in the world, enjoy the outdoors and interact with people. A simple chat about your dog, the weather or news with someone on your walk can really boost your mood.


Many people who struggle with their mental health can easily get in a ‘rut’ that can be hard to get out of. Having a dog is like a daily alarm clock, they need to be walked, let outside, fed and played with. One or two gentle walks a day with your dog can really improve your mental health and allows you to get in a healthy and productive routine.

If you’ve ever thought of getting a dog, I would definitely recommend it. For older people and people struggling with depression or anxiety, getting a dog is one of the best therapies there is. Improve your mood, decrease loneliness and feel more fulfilment in your everyday routine by having a furry four-legged friend by your side.