Eating healthy and staying fit all seem to go right out the window when you are on a night out or on a date. With this guide, you can still eat healthier on your cheat day and stay on track with whatever diet you have set as your goal:

Eating Out: The Unhealthy Treat We All Love

Typically speaking, when you eat out, you know you are going to eat foods that are generally high in fat, salt, and sugar. Why? Because these are the items that taste oh so good. This applies to meat-eaters straight to vegans. There is no escaping it because restaurants have no reason to stop it. After all, they want their food to taste heavenly, and you want to eat out-of-this-world food. Moreover, people, who go out to watch the MLB world series (get tickets through on weekends may also indulge in high-fat food like hotdogs, cheese burgers, fries, etc. These eatables might complement the occasion and the backdrop. It’s a happy relationship until you are trying to stay healthy and on track with your goals. Never fear, however, because there are tips and tricks you can use to make your date-nights out healthier.

How to Eat Healthy When Eating Out

While there will be a few bespoke restaurants that will allow you to eat healthily, they are not the norm. They are also more geared towards working lunches than they are a night out or a date, which is why you’ll want to adopt these tips instead:

1. Choose a Place that Caters to Your Needs

Though you don’t and shouldn’t have to go to a salad bar or a similarly health-focused restaurant, you do want to make sure that they have some options. Even if you factor in a cheat day into your diet, you don’t want to consume empty calories. Opt for restaurants that focus on flavour through ingredients, not flavour through frying.

2. Ask for Advice with the Menu

It never hurts to ask for advice on the menu. There might be easy swaps you can make for a dish that turns it from not-so-healthy into healthier in an instant. This applies from sit-down fine dining restaurants to your favorite street eats like the ever-popular Neds Noodle Bar Oxford, where you can swap wheat noodles for rice noodles and otherwise customise your dish to be healthier and nutrient-rich. Remember to keep an eye out for any healthy alternatives when it comes to your meal. Many restaurants these days will have a point of sale system (like this option from Revel Systems) in place that allows for customization of dishes when ordering that will link straight up to the kitchen, so getting your exact order to the team making the food should be fairly straightforward.

3. Opt for Sauces on the Side

Another great option is to opt for the sauces to be placed on the side so that you can dip instead of having your whole meal coated. This way, you can have the great flavour and more control of your portions.

4. Be Careful with What You Drink

All your hard work can be put to waste if you opt for a sugary, unhealthy drink. Opt for fresh juice or water for the healthiest alternatives.

5. Don’t Be Too Strict

At the end of the day, you are on a night out or on a date, so you don’t want to be nitpicking everything that you eat. The point is, don’t be too strict. Allow yourself the small treat, especially if it is otherwise full of vitamins and nutrients.