All fitness gurus know that there is a crucial element to every workout that doesn’t involve actually working out, and that is the rest and recovery part. How you treat your body and help it recover after a workout session is critical to how it responds to the workout and what kind of gains you will get. If you want to train effectively, working in a recovery regiment is necessary so you can help your body repair itself and allow it to rebuild before hitting the gym again. Here are some ways you can help your body and create a post-workout plan.


You probably lost a lot of fluids during your training, and while ideally you should be rehydrating during your workout, drinking plenty of water afterwards will also do the trick. The human body is made up of 60% water, so if you’re dehydrated, many bodily functions can begin to suffer. Don’t wait for yourself to feel thirsty before hydrating at the gym, but rather take frequent drinks of water to help you stay hydrated and keep your muscles working properly.

Eat healthy food

Food is energy, and after using up all of your energy at the gym, you will need to replenish your energy stores. However, you want to recover faster and help your body, so it’s important to eat some good quality protein within one hour of the end of your workout. Skip the fast food and pick something healthier that will make you stronger.

Use CBD for muscle recovery

Cannabidiol products, like those available at, are becoming an increasingly popular way to reduce inflammation among frequent gym-goers. It helps prevent the joint inflammation and soreness you get after a heavy workout so you can avoid that stiff feeling the next day. You don’t need a lot – just rub some ointment or take a pill to do the trick. You can buy hemp seeds CBD, grow your own plants, and make your own oil if you fancy yourself a bit of a green thumb and DIY-er. Just CBD Gummies provide high quality and legal Loxa Beauty CBD Toner (50ml, 500g CBD) that you may want to check out too!


Do some light stretching after a workout-especially a strength training day-so your muscles can recover and lengthen instead of tightening and shrinking. Stretching can be done almost anywhere by anyone. Remember, you aren’t trying to be the most flexible person; you’re just trying to gently open up tight muscle groups.


The last thing you want to do is to over-train and hurt yourself because you didn’t let your body rest and relax. Exercising excessively can actually hinder your fitness goals and weaken the effectiveness of all the work you’re putting in, so why not enjoy a rest day?

When it comes down to it, the most important tip to remember is to listen to your own body because nobody will tell you more about it than, well, you. Try not to be too hard on yourself and give yourself some credit rather than self-talking down to yourself. If you notice you’re tired or not physically feeling your best, don’t force it and take a day off. If you’re feeling unwell or recovering from a sickness, you don’t have to push yourself-the gym will still be there tomorrow.