It might be raining outside, or colder than you expected. You might be feeling a little worn out from yesterdays workout, or you could just be struggling to fight your way out of bed. Motivation is hard, and our own hubris is often our worst enemy when it comes to staying healthy. It’s very easy to waste a lot of time and energy thinking of ways to avoid exercise, but sometimes it’s far easier to find the right source of motivation. There’s no need to run a marathon every single day. Get motivated, because even the lightest of exercise will be better than crawling back into bed. Here’s how to get the motivation that you need, no matter what your fitness goals might be.

Get Dressed

It’s a good idea to have your workout clothes ready at all times. Just putting them on instead of your jeans is a great way to find some motivation. If you’re in your tracksuit or shorts, you’re going to be far less likely to feel comfortable just relaxing on the sofa.

Aim for Variety

If you do the same exercises every time you hit the gym or the park, then it might be time to shake things up a bit. The more variation that you have in your workout, the more fun you’ll find it. If you’ve been lifting weights for a few weeks, go for a run this week instead. This will mean that you have something different to look forward to, and will also mean that you’re exercising different muscle groups as well.

Treat Injuries with Respect

Getting motivated is even more challenging when you have an injury. As well as eating well and getting all of the energy and nutrients that your body needs, it’s a good idea to look after your injury with professional help. If you have groin strain then running will be very difficult, but the right physio advice could inspire you to try alternative workouts that will actually speed up your recovery time.

Art and Literature

We’ve all seen those posters of motivational quotes. They might not appeal to you, but they can be very useful for reminding you that you should be working on your fitness. If you have a motivational poster in your bedroom, then you’re going to be far more inspired to get out of bed and start your fitness regime. Even reading motivational books can be useful, and whether it’s the biography of your favorite athlete or something more literature-like, finding inspiration in the written word is very beneficial.

Group Work

You’ll find it much harder to justify skipping out on your visit to the gym if you have a fitness group. Working out with friends isn’t just a great way to socialize, it’s also brilliant for motivation. Not just motivation for getting to the gym, but motivation during your exercise too. When your friends and peers are urging you on, you’re going to want to go further and faster than you ever would when alone. Working out with other people is safer too!

Finding motivation could be the hardest part of your workout. Look for the triggers that prompt a lack of motivation, and stop looking for excuses to relax. Your body isn’t going to get healthy all by itself, so get dressed and get moving. The more that you train yourself to be motivated, the more you’ll be able to focus on your health goals.