There are many misconceptions that you need to spend a lot of money in order to stay fit and healthy. Between expensive gym memberships, state-of-the-art equipment, and personal training fees, the dollar signs can start to add up. That said, you can still maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without these things.

Everyone has the potential to stay fit, regardless of their budget. Here are some ways to cut your fitness costs:

Look for deals

If you’re really into a specific indoor or outdoor sport that requires equipment, always look for deals and discounts. At regular price, kayaks or canoes can be expensive. By finding promotions and deals like Sportsman’s Guide coupon, you can fund your fitness, without the hefty price tag.

If you prefer to work out in a gym or use a trainer, look for the best incentives or start-up deals before committing to one.

Use online workouts and exercise videos

One of the best ways to stay fit on a budget is to work out at home. You can find thousands of workout videos online, and many of them don’t require any equipment. There are options for people of any fitness level, from beginner to expert, and you can choose an activity that is most appropriate for you.

There are aerobics and dance training videos for those who are looking to focus on cardio. There are strength training videos using items you have lying around the house as resistance, such as water bottles. You can train your abs, arms, legs, or whatever else you like, all from the comfort of your own home.

Many of these online workouts are free, or you can pay a small subscription to access large databases of videos.

Choose inexpensive yet effective fitness gear

If you want to invest in some equipment, you don’t need to buy an entire home gym. There are some basic pieces of equipment that are incredibly inexpensive but yield tremendous results. Here are some great options that will cost you around $20 or less:

  • Exercise ball

You can get an exercise ball for around $20 and use it for various exercises. It will support your body weight while doing weight training exercises. It can also help build balance, stability, and you can also use it for cardio.

  • Jump rope

Jump ropes are inexpensive and portable, so you can roll them up and take them anywhere. They are also fantastic for a cardio workout and great for all levels of fitness.

  • Resistance bands

While you can work out with just your own body weight at home, resistance bands can make your workouts much more effective. They help you to build muscle, and you can use them just about anywhere on your body. They are easy to roll up and put in your bag or backpack.

  • Dumbbells

Dumbbells allow you to do weight training, without needing bulky and expensive equipment. They are relatively cheap, and you could even pick up a pair second-hand to save even more money.