The National Road Championships give every cycler a chance to fulfill his dreams. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the road championships give you a chance to compete, cooperate, and socialize with fellow cyclers. This is a one of a kind event that provides all cycling enthusiasts a chance to connect as one.

Many cross fitters I know are fond of cycling. It is not just a great workout but provides your body more agility as well. Cycling provides you more toned muscles. Their strength also increases and the cardiovascular functions of the body increase as well. If you also want to participate in road championships, this post is for you. I will provide you the details of how to train for the event and perform at optimum strength.

Get a great bike

As a cyclist, your primary need is a great bike. If you don’t know much about racing cycles, go to your nearest Leisure Lakes Bikes. They have a great collection of cycles for everyone- right from beginners to national road championships. The good thing is that they help you identify the right cycle. The staff can teach you a lot about foot angles, seat height etc. If you get this step right, the rest will be easier.

Hit the gym

As a cycling enthusiast, you don’t just need to learn cycling and ride your bike to long distances. If you have ever received this advice, it is time you throw it away and start listening to what is right. By hitting the gym, you will build up strength and endurance. Gymming will also help you in building some muscle mass, which will be crucial in helping you race longer distances.

Don’t just train indoors

One of the biggest mistakes that cycling enthusiast’s make before participating in a race is training only indoors. Indoor training is great for people who have just started preparing for their event. However, if you have spent some time preparing already, it would be better to go out in the open and practice hard. Most tracks that you will come across are surrounded by natural beauty and run through winding roads around mountains and hills.

When you are cycling indoors, you can create strength and cycling proficiency in a controlled environment. However, the real deal only begins when you are training outdoors. For absolute beginners, 6 to 7 hours of training per week is essential. As you build up more strength, you should be able to increase your time week by week.

Take adequate sleep

It is great to stay motivated and practice hard. However, you should also get adequate sleep and rest. Focus first on getting ample sleep. 6 to 7 hours of rest is essential for your body to recover. When you work out, your muscles take a heavy beating. Therefore, it is essential for you to recover. If you don’t rest, your muscles will continue getting a beating and you will eventually get injured. Train smart.

Nutrition is essential

Focus on the macros first. Get adequate carbs, proteins, and fats in your diet. Omega-3 fats will work wonders for you. You should focus on getting multiple vitamins in your diet. This could be done with the help of dietary supplements as well. You should consult a dietician for this purpose. Note that you can’t become a good cyclist on your old diet. Hence, changes will be necessary.

These were some of the basics of cycling that could help you take your training for the National Road Championships to the next level. For more tips, stay updated.