It’s a combination that is all too common and one which can be spotted from a mile away, if you know what you’re looking for, which is of course that of how a health and/or fitness blogger often doubles up as a personal trainer too. In fact, the market appears to be so saturated that often this type of person, who runs a fitness blog and works as a personal trainer, has to find ways to make extra money outside of that niche. You’ve probably heard of one or two passive side hustles that can generate money. From investing in the likes of pennystock aktien shares to completing online surveys. While they certainly can generate money and are options to consider, it makes you wonder if there are any methods that take advantage of your fitness talents and positivity? There are! Here are a few ways to make money in ways that utilize your personal training experience.

Content production

I’ve perhaps already given one method through which personal trainers can earn more money with, which is that of getting into content production via something like a blog. The possibilities are endless though, with the likes of YouTube coming into view as another great means through which to make some extra money producing content in the form of videos. You can monetise the content via the platform’s ad revenue sharing programme and you can perhaps sell products and services related to health and fitness as an affiliate.

Other content which can be monetised more directly can exist in the form of e-books, health and fitness guides, etc.

Events management

Organise events such as a local bodybuilding contest, a local half or full marathon perhaps, or even something like a team sporting event. It would be as easy as soliciting an entry fee from each participant and then handing out prize money that collectively adds up to less than the sum of the monies collected via the entry fee. Marketing such local events is as easy as going on social media, these days.

Health & fitness lifestyle selling business

Naturally this would signify getting into some specialised territory as a means through which to earn more money as a personal trainer, but the likes of product development definitely makes for a market that actually exists. These days it can be as easy as using white-labelling, perhaps to sell your own brand of energy drink, water even, supplements, equipment, etc. If you’ve identified a market that is hungry for a specific product or service, payday loans can even be used to fund the requisite initial capital investment, but naturally you’d have to have identified a genuine opportunity which you’re all but sure will yield results in a quick turnaround time.

If you have a client base of people who you tailor workout and nutritional plans for, for example, why not try to get them to support you in a more direct manner and perhaps come to a home gym you will have developed instead of having to meet up at a chain gym?

Entering competitions

Perhaps the ultimate way through which to establish yourself as an authority people will always want to listen to, is to put your money where your mouth is. Enter competitions, obviously with the view of doing really well, which demonstrate your knowledge and abilities. I would pay for specialised fitness advice form a health and fitness expert who has successfully completed a popular obstacle course race, any day, for instance.