Back pain regardless of the cause can be debilitating. Chronic pain prevents millions of people from living the quality of life they were once able to before back pain seized control of their lives. There have been numerous treatments discovered over the years, and although some work well, others do not entirely alleviate the pain. Strides in fields such as medical marijuana have helped people during periods of pain, with some areas that need feminized seeds to help grow stock that can be used for this type of treatment, however, they are not suited to everyone and alternatives will need to be looked at. Finding the right back pain clinic in London to help manage pain is imperative.

No one wants to live a life dependent on painkillers for the rest of their life, and like all medications, painkillers come with the threat of sometimes serious side-effects especially when taken over long periods of time. Painkillers of the narcotic nature are even more concerning as they often lead to addiction to the painkiller itself.

Those who suffer from back pain caused by muscle strain, an injury or chronic back pain that accompanies a disease or even unknown causes, are acquainted with how difficult life becomes when their mobility becomes strictly limited because of pain. They become incapable of doing even the simple things most take for granted, things such as lifting a grandchild, performing routine household tasks, tending to a garden, etc. The pain prevents many every day movements which were once free from painful movement.

Not all back pain is a result of injury or illness, so finding the proper treatment and the root cause is important. Some of the common treatments for back pain include Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, surgery or steroid injections depending on the cause of the pain. Back pain affects four out of five people, but the good news is fewer than 2% of those suffering from back pain need to have an operation.

There are differing sensations of back pain ranging from burning, hot, stabbing or shooting pain in the back. This pain will sometimes shoot into one or both legs. Although it’s rare for back pain to be due to any serious damage or disease, without proper diagnosis it’s difficult to discover the cause.

According to recent Labour Force Survey, musculoskeletal conditions account for more absences from the labour force than any other illness, and a large amount of these are caused from being sedentary. There are still significant numbers of employees doing work that requires heavy lifting, common lifting or awkward movement that can lead to stress on the back, but largely more deskbound workers are suffering from back pain than ever before. Also important to note according to the survey, around 30% of all disability in the UK is due to back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions.

With so many people suffering from back pain, being unable to live a life without pain or losing time from the workforce, it’s important to know there is help and with proper diagnosis and treatment they can get back the quality of life once enjoyed. Every patient who has discovered the Kuer Clinic in London have given positive reviews of the exemplary services they received. Being impressed with the assistance they received from Kuer’s professional staff of physicians in the London office.

Many current of their patients underwent frustration previously when seeking out help from their GPs, who seemed unable to discover what was causing their pain. On patient recently said after he decided to look for a private doctor, he noticed the Kuer Clinic offers an all-in-on service to diagnose and treat all types of back pain. He was pleased when his full blood screen results were back on the same day as the screen was given. He now has the answers and is receiving the treatment he needs. If you are one of the 4 out of five people experiencing back pain, call Kuer Clinic today to help manage your pain.