Club ties act as a badge of belonging for all members, and they tend to be one of the more prized items in each member’s wardrobe. With that in mind, you need to ensure that your tie design accurately reflects the club, and one of the most important decisions to make is whether to opt for polyester or silk. Use this quick and easy guide to help yourself come to the best decision.

Why Should You Pick Polyester Club Ties?

Polyester ties are a lot more cost-effective than silk ties, which makes them a good fit for larger clubs. However, their primary benefit is being very easy to care for. Unlike silk, polyester won’t become rumpled and wrinkled as it is worn; in fact, polyester is completely wrinkle resistant. Silk might look better at first, but it will not hold up as well over time.

This issue is compounded by the fact that polyester is a lot easier to clean, while silk ties cannot just be thrown into the machine with a normal wash. Polyester ties are even stain-resistant, a crucial concern for club ties since people will often be drinking and eating while wearing them.

Why Should You Pick Silk Club Ties?

Firstly, silk feels a lot softer and more luxurious than polyester. It also breathes, meaning that your neck will stay feeling cool and unconstrained throughout the evening. The lightness of silk means that ties made from this material drape well down the chest, and the light nicely reflects from silk to provide an enviable sheen that polyester fails to replicate. This will prove important if your club members usually dress in finer suits; if so, you may find that polyester ties look out of place next to their richer fabrics.

Silk ties will certainly require more attention than polyester ties. However, there’s a reason that they are considered the first-class option. Perhaps most importantly, silk ties just tend to be a better fit with the upscale environment of most clubs, and the fact that they won’t be worn throughout the business day makes problems with cleaning less significant.