The same can definitely be said about something like planning a trip somewhere, planning to make a purchase of some product or service (no matter how big or small the purchase it), or in fact just looking for some information with which to back-up a case you’re making in an argument, that being how the very first thing you probably do is jump online to run a search-engine query. Many of us have no doubt looked at things like astrea internet plans to make sure that, when it comes to the internet, we’ll be able to get our answers quickly thanks to a great connection speed. I mean “Googling” something is a legitimate verb now, isn’t it and many of us simply cannot imagine our lives without it, even though we perhaps take it for granted?

So you Google something when you’re looking for some information or advice, don’t you? However, why do you often find yourself spending so much more time online than what you initially intended? Why do we waste so much time on the internet doing what are effectively pretty useless things?

In the answer to that question resides the key to rediscovering the true value of the internet and it begins with merely knowing where and how to search for the information you’re looking for.

“How to use the internet effectively” needs to be a skill which is taught officially, perhaps as part of the school curriculum too, because what you often find these days is that school kids and college students don’t quite know how to conduct research properly. I’m talking about meaningful research which they’d have to complete even if it wasn’t just so that they could race against the clock to submit their due assignments – the kind of research which adds some real value to your life you can use to improve in whatever small or big way. Another important skill that should be taught is how to stay safe online. While parents may have something like the norton secure vpn in place at home to help with privacy, it doesn’t do any harm to learn about the steps that we can all take in order to ensure that we are not just giving away information without realizing the consequences that this can have.

As it stands what is perceived to be value which can be obtained from the use of the World Wide Web is largely geared towards entertainment. It gets really bad hey, with the exact same search engine queries run in some countries kicking up results which are more of the entertainment kind, such as the many cat videos which have long since gone viral.

It’s very easy to perhaps justifiably point to the fact that when you really need to pull some value out of your use of the internet you find a way to make it happen, but that type of thinking is where the problem lies because it’s the many times when you entertain those cat videos that you’re contributing to the problem.

There is one simple way of ensuring the true value of the internet you’ll be rediscovering stays with you for life, which is making reference to online advice portals like BetterHelp. It’s about finding resource portals that are backed by at least one qualified professional who specializes in the specific area you’re dealing with and in the specific case of this particular portal you can just tell from the absence of monetization channels such as banner ads that this is the real deal. You can tell that there is true value in the information you’d be getting, even if at worst it’s some information which will serve to connect you with a qualified professional to handle your needs specifically.

Apply this modus operandi to all your online information-seeking exploits and you will have rediscovered the true value of the internet, the way it was originally intended to be.