The Hypervolt is a state-of-the-art handheld vibration massage therapy device that provides rapid percussions to treat and relieve sore and stiff muscles. The instruction manual features the complete description of the device and operational tips, warning, and usage as well. This manual must be read carefully before usage.

The Hypervolt comes with a pair of comfortable gloves, and additional pairs can be acquired. I prefer the jogging gloves unlike the other gloves available in the market.

Does Hypervolt help recovery?

Now that we know how to use the device and its basic operations, the next question that arises is whether Hypervolt is helpful in relieving muscle pain and injury recovery. Let us look at how the body reacts to injuries.

To understand how the body reacts to injuries, we must first understand the nature of injuries. Injuries occur in soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and muscles. These soft tissues are responsible for supporting us and aiding the mobility of the joints. Injuries occur when a large amount of stress is accumulated on the soft tissues. This is not simple stress, but stress of an abnormal level.

The tendons, ligaments, and muscles are like shock absorbers for running and jumping. We often hear people say, “This game is too much for me”, or “This day is too long”. This is the same damage that happens to the soft tissues, except they are not getting sufficient shock absorption to recover from the damage that has been done to the shock absorbers. There is an increased demand of shock absorption from the body, but the soft tissues are temporarily unable to do it. This is what happens when injured people say that their muscles are still sore or stiff.

Hypervolt therapy restricts the natural shock absorbers and stimulates them to provide more returning value. Increased shock absorption power supports the recovery process. We can observe this through the results. Consider the last fifteen to twenty years when the field of sports and medicine has seen the development of technologies that assist in the healing process. In this period, we have seen how material advancements have helped athletes recover from injuries faster.

Hypervolt is one of those technologies. With years of tweaking, it has mastered the various pain areas. This is what we mean when we say that Hypervolt completes the necessary actions for recovery. All you have to do is place Hypervolt on the affected area and let your body do the rest. This is the goal of this therapy device.

Is the Hypervolt expensive for my pocket?

Hypervolt has exceptional quality. This quality has made the product widely accepted worldwide. Hypervolt is the only handheld massage device that has won a number of FDA approvals. It was granted this certification after undergoing rigorous testing and screenings to prove it safe. This is why Hypervolt is extremely reliable in treating chronic and acute injuries. The company has been responsible in pricing this device to be accessible to the consumer.