If you have a serious medical condition travelling might be the last thing on your mind. You might feel daunted by the thought of waiting in a queue at the airport for a long time or wonder about how you might manage a long flight. Perhaps you have even considered hiring a private jet for your trip instead, to take away the anxiety that comes from the thought of a busy flight, from a website such as Jettly. This is all perfectly normal, indeed it can be difficult managing a serious medical condition even from the comfort of your own home. Have you considered, though, the positive effect that having a break from the normal routine can have in giving you the strength to fight against your condition or the impact of getting out there and making some wonderful memories whilst recovering some strength? Positivehealthwellness.com does a good job at explaining some of these pros for travelling with a medical condition. Taking a holiday, could actually be just the thing that you need to help you deal with your condition in the longer term.

Travelling with a medical condition may well be difficult but with some thought and preparation, it can be made easier. The first thing you need to consider is your travel insurance policy. Unfortunately, when you travel with an existing medical condition many policies on the market just won’t cover your bills should you need medical assistance while you are away. You will need to consider a policy that takes into account your condition to ensure that your expenses are covered whilst you are on holiday, otherwise you could be coming home to some big medical bills. Many of these specialist insurance providers can also prove worth their weight in gold, should you need medical assistance whilst away, they can help you get hold of extra medication, for instance, or arrange an appointment with a doctor, it just makes sense for your peace of mind to have all this in place before you travel. Online aggregators like medicaltravelinsurance.co.uk enable you to compare a range of companies offerings, helping you find the best policy tailored to your conditions.

The next thing to consider is getting your doctor on side with your plans. Actually, doctors are well aware of the positive effects that taking a holiday can have on patients with medical conditions so, do not assume they will try and stop you. They will however, advise you in regard to if you are well enough to travel, what precautions to take before you go and they can help prepare medical information to take with you, should an emergency arise. It is, for instance, a good idea to ask them to prepare a letter detailing your condition and medication that you take, so that this can be passed to a medical team whilst you are away should anything happen. You will also need to consider if a license is needed for any of the medications you take at your destination and if so ask your doctor to provide this for you.

It will also help greatly if you are honest and upfront with your travel agent when you are booking your holiday. Tell them about your condition and any problems that you can envisage you might have during travel or your stay. You will find that many agencies can organise help for you during your holiday. They might organise, for instance, a fast check-in for you so that you don’t have to stand in a queue, a ground floor room at your destination if you find stairs difficult or a representative to check in with you regularly to ensure you are doing OK. The important thing to remember here is if you don’t ask you won’t get and you deserve the help.