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Since the establishment of this website, Jim has continually published testimonials and stories of triumph over laziness and joyful quests for fitness. The CrossFit community is packed with individuals who have succeeded in changing their lives, getting fit and healthy and overcome many challenges.

These stories provide inspiration and fuel for those starting off, and countless people, who may have felt hopeless about their fitness have drawn strength and motivation from such stories. Equally, people who may have struggled with getting fit, have openly explained their difficulties and subsequently received a great deal of support and advice from countless members of the CrossFit community.

This exchange has greatly enriched the content of this website, invigorated this online fitness community and helped many people on their journey to health and wellbeing. Consequently, we are looking for people to send us their stories for publication. Jim is hoping to receive a guest post from you, publish it on this website and he will do all he can to publicize it, share it with many others and support you in your quest for happiness.

Submit a Guest Post Now

You may send us your post or a concept by filling in the form below. On receipt, Jim will take a look at your story or idea, get in touch with you and help you to prepare a thought-provoking guest post. This is an opportunity for you to get published and have your writing enjoyed by thousands of people. The website gets thousands of hits each month and anyone with blogger ambitions will benefit greatly from getting published here. The process is, much like CrossFit, short and intense and you will find yourself growing quickly as a writer while also getting to know lots of other fitness enthusiasts.

Please remember that you neither have to be an accomplished writer nor a fully fit sports enthusiast to get a post published. We welcome stories from all kinds of people and aim to diversify the choir of voices on this website.

Please consider getting in touch with a view to having a guest post published, particularly if you are:

  • Completely Unfit and Unable to Get Moving: Please tell us your story. You can be sure of receiving tons of encouragement from all the readers who will provide tips and advice. Jim himself will endeavor to get you on track.
  • Full of Knowledge About Health and Fitness: CrossFit people, physios, gym instructors, nutritionists and any other fitness and health expert ought to submit a post and share tips and expertise.
  • Seeking to Find Out About CrossFit and Join the Community: If you would like to find out more about CrossFit, do get in touch. Jim will be delighted to take you under his wing.
  • Promoting an Event: Do tell us about your upcoming health and fitness event and we will help you in your promotional efforts and tell all our readers about it.
  • Wishing to Collaborate: Jim has been part of countless great projects and is always eager to collaborate with other CrossFit and fitness fans.

The Topics

If you are wondering, what kind of content we are looking for, please take a look at the list below:

  • Bodybuilding
  • CrossFit
  • Fitness News
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
  • Health and Medicine
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Product Reviews
  • Psychology
  • Self-Motivation
  • Willpower
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Weight Loss

For novice blogger, we have crafted a few sample titles:

  • Best Ways to Fight Your Lazy Streak
  • Exercise and Recovery Routines
  • Best Bodybuilding Nutrition

Easy Process, Tons of Benefits

Having a post published on Jim’s website is easy and will reap lots of rewards. Your words will enrich the content, inspired thousands of readers and strengthen you along your own life path. Your writer profile will grow and you will undoubtedly become part of our online fitness and CrossFit community. If you are struggling, you will get support, if you are an expert, you will have the opportunity to help others.

Many past bloggers are now regular contributors and you could be one of them. Just get in touch by filling in the form below. We look forward to reading your idea, concept or ready-to-publish post and welcoming you into our great online fitness and CrossFit community.