A few months ago, I bought a cool little little device called a Portable Gym Timer (see article here). One of my friends is trying to get in shape for his upcoming race, so he purchased this thing so he can actually go out and sweat for longer than 45 minutes. I have used this gym timer before, and I know it works – and I actually like it more than the built-in gym app. First, the Portable Gym Timer allows me to set multiple alarms to ensure that I am in my gym for at least 45 minutes.

 I can set alarms for any type of workout – cross-training, high intensity intervals, interval training – anything that I want. Also, there is a timer option – I simply input the time I want to exercise and it pops up on my phone every 15 minutes (when my gym timer will buzz me, I have 15 minutes to enter my workout). I also find that the timecode option equivalent feature is a great way to keep track of my workout. Each time I enter my workout, it pops up with what workout I did (heart rate, calorie intake, etc). This is a fantastic way to make sure that I keep on track with my exercise goals – and I like it a lot better than the built-in gym app.

These portable gym timers usually cost around $20 (depending on the brand). I got mine for a little over $17 (there are multiple brands of the portable gym timer). I would highly recommend using a portable gym timer. The benefits of using this gym timer are countless, and I really want to give them a try. Here are a few of the main benefits of using a portable gym timer:

High Efficiency – These devices can set up to 12 alarms, and there are two options for timers – Timecode and Multimedia. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility in terms of time, so you can actually get in multiple sessions in one day.

Consistent Scheduling – Having a constant alarm setting allows you to set up consistent schedules in your workouts. Even if you are going out to lunch with your friends for a couple hours, you can still get in your workout at least once a day (that’s two alarms). The convenience of using a portable gym timer is excellent, and you are able to schedule all of your workouts ahead of time – which helps you stay on track.

Consistent Timing – Unlike the built-in gym app on your phone, the portable gym timer can be timed in increments. You can set a timer for an hour, or you can use it to monitor a 10-minute interval, or you can use the timer to monitor your weight lifting sessions. If you are trying to do multiple exercises in one session, it is good to have a timer that can count down in increments as well.

Time, Health, and Weight Loss

When I started working out again, I found that the weight training was very time consuming and I was losing weight (but only because I was training for an upcoming race). One of my friends had started working out in the gym, and he was losing weight in just a few weeks. In fact, he ended up losing around 50 pounds.