A lot of confidence can be extracted out of merely knowing that you possess a bright and beautiful smile which you’re not afraid to flash whenever the natural urge to do so arises. However, did you know that the food you eat is perhaps the single biggest contributing factor to the appearance of your teeth? As you’ll probably know, how your teeth look is pretty much a reflection of how healthy they are.

As a general rule of thumb, if you approach your overall health-based diet in a balanced manner, the foods which affect your teeth negatively are balanced out by those which affect your smile in a positive manner. However, we all know that it’s very easy to fall into bad eating habits as a matter the lifestyle we lead, so certain foods which are harmless to your teeth in moderation can become quite an issue if they’re consumed excessively.

As a result, it’s worth noting the best and worst foods for your teeth, just so that you can be empowered to make an informed decision when it comes to maintaining your smile.

Let’s start with the worst foods, shall we?

The worst foods for your teeth

Lemon juice and grapefruit lead the way in accounting for citrus fruits that are bad for your teeth, simply because of their high acidity. To get your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, rather drink orange juice, which is perhaps better than physically eating an orange since your teeth spend less time in contact with the acidity of the fruit. In that regard, you might prefer having pulpy orange juices (you can visit www.orangina-na.com/products/ to know more) which may help you get vitamin C while the pulp in the drink may enhance your enjoyment of the beverage. Also, pure orange juice should probably be switched out with OJ that’s fortified with vitamin D and calcium, to balance the effects its acidity would otherwise have on your teeth.

Other foods that are bad for your teeth probably include the full complement of what would constitute your favourite treats, including crackers, wine, tea, and coffee in particular (stains worse than tobacco, at times). Sports drinks, soda and both hard and chewy candy – all of these have some pretty corrosive agents in their makeup. Pickles are also very acidic and are subsequently not at all friendly to the appearance of your teeth.

The best foods for your teeth

As far as it goes with the best foods for your teeth, strawberries probably make for a great way to switch out many of the unhealthier foods which although delicious, are really bad for your teeth. Strawberries contain malic acid, which is an enamel whitener straight from Mother Nature herself!

Dairy products such as milk contain calcium which we all know is what our bones and teeth are made out of, but cheese is also particularly good because of the casein it contains. This also helps in the repairing of tooth enamel.

Now, the combination of water and green, leafy vegetables or foods that are generally high in fiber is a natural force which is really good for your teeth, because the water you drink aids in the production of saliva, which in turn covers and protects your teeth when you’re chewing. Foods that are high in fiber will have you chewing thoroughly, prolonging the time during which saliva is produced.
Note: Try a beneficial high fiber diet that can help you to prevent tooth decay.

Reversing the damage

Naturally, since the knowledge of the foods which can harm your teeth won’t necessarily have you avoiding them completely, it’s perhaps worth noting how you can go about reversing the damage caused by these foods. In the case of those foods identified to cause damage to your teeth while at the same time offering no real health benefits in any other area, it’s a no-brainer. These have to go. We’re talking about the likes of crackers, especially if your binge on them is a frequent one.

Coffee is another one – if you focus on getting your energy from wholesome, more natural sources of food then you won’t have to subject your teeth to the negative effects of coffee, such as the stains which can even persist more stubbornly than tobacco stains.

So generally a shift more towards better all round eating habits will contribute significantly to a healthier set of teeth.

However, it can take a bit of a while for the visible signs of a subsequently healthier set of teeth to start manifesting, in which case you could get a set of cheap dental crowns to not only instantly improve their appearance, but also to protect your teeth from further harm and stains. Whatever be the case, if you think you would need help, consult a Dentist DTC (Diagnosis and Treatment Centre) to get the process done professionally.

Eat your vegetables, munch down on plenty of high-fibre foods and incorporate the fundamental building blocks of your bones and teeth into your diet, which is calcium of course, so dairy products will help. It’s all about maintaining a balance between your commitment to a healthier diet and the cosmetic procedure you might have had in getting a set of crowns.