The cliché that life is simply not fair may have actually rung true for as long as life itself has existed, but if we think about it from the point of view of contemporary life then it has perhaps never been truer. Case in point – if you just go about your daily business of perhaps watching some entertainment through the media or even the news for goodness’ sake, part of the programming is aimed at selling you something which suggests that your life as it is, isn’t and perhaps never will be good enough, unless you buy this or that product or service.

Jump online and you’ll find more of the same – outright banner ads which sell you stuff directly or content which has some suggestive text embedded to try and lead you to making some kind of purchase which you’ll inevitably have to make over and over again.

Technology is pretty much being used just to try and turn each of us into a money-printing machine from which to extract money at will. Think about something like the running costs of your mere computer – why on earth does it cost money to run a PC, with the likes of hardware that becomes obsolete and software which is made to reach its “end of life” so that it can be discontinued and have you needing to buy a license for the latest version?

That’s what it is really – technology is no longer about innovation, but rather about repurposing existing technologies and presenting it to us in ways that effectively create a new way to get more money out of us.

Amidst all the reverse-engineered platforms flung around as the latest and greatest “disruptions” however, every so often I personally come across some tech which is really useful to me. I’ll get back to my original train of thought to drive the point home, that being how unfair life is because so much is expected of us in order for us to just merely “measure-up,” and yet we don’t quite have the required amount of time or resources to put in the required effort to measure up in the many different ways required of us.

This is coming from someone who spends a lot of time in the gym, mind you, which means I know all about what it takes to attain the level of “success” in the appearance of my body that I’ve reached. Fortunately for me I’ve managed to carve a career out of what is the one thing which occupies most of my time, but this is precisely how I managed to uncover the effectiveness of looking online to take care of some of the other areas of my life which I’d otherwise not have time for.

One such area in particular is online counseling, which I’m rather proud to report has worked for me when I’ve needed it, simply because I found the right platform in Using this platform covers the mental part of following the path to good health, something I otherwise wouldn’t have time for since I spend so much time in the gym working out if not working with my clients.