Hmmm…cool, isn’t it? I wonder how many of you have actually accomplished that. That means you haven’t completely thrown health out of the window. You still go to the gym or train, but somehow in order to make this a lifestyle you have to start becoming healthy.

Like the lifestyle you would have if you were to live on a tropical island, with the full sunshine, warm weather and swimming in the ocean every day. Healthy eating, proper exercise, a healthy body, a healthy mind…Hmmm…that’s awesome! Maybe it is time to live like that. You’ll just have to make some adjustments to your daily life, like making better eating choices are religiously has you hunt the best casino bonuses.

I mean…if you have seen those stupid celebrity “body types”…that just aren’t healthy! I’ve met so many people that fit this category…they just wouldn’t be healthy if they lived like that…but somehow they think that is the way to be beautiful. Those kinds of women have the minds of little children. I think they want to be just like those women.

Look…and tell me if you can find a woman out there that wouldn’t look great if she was an absolute heifer…or if she wouldn’t have the perfect body with super curves. You see those women constantly on television. You see all of these supermodels with amazing bodies…beautiful faces…nice curves…and gorgeous hair! Sounds great…but unfortunately…those are the women that have had the beauty treatments. That’s just as bad as going to a plastic surgeon to change your body. At least a plastic surgeon would have no issue that you are trying to live like them.

The women that look like that? I can tell you right now…even if you were working out regularly, eating healthy and giving yourself a facial once a week…that supermodel body will take a few years to build. Just like if you go to the gym and train consistently…you will be losing the fat. The woman that looks like that is healthy in the mind, body and spirit. You have to be healthy in order to look like that. Healthy means eating properly. Healthy means getting proper nutrition. Healthy means taking care of yourself. Healthy means getting healthy in your mind and spirit. Healthy means working on getting the job done. That might take a few years…but it will eventually happen.

It is the “cool” thing…or the “easy way out”…but it is not healthy. It’s just not cool…let’s be honest about that. Like I said, if we went to a plastic surgeon to change our bodies…then the plastic surgeon wouldn’t be concerned with our health. If we went to the plastic surgeon to change our minds and spirits…then the plastic surgeon would be more concerned about our health…and the thoughts that we are having.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t change your body with a plastic surgeon. I’m sure the plastic surgeons in Denver (or the ones near your place) could be quite impressed with you if you brought him pictures of your new bodies…and he could actually physically show you how your body will look. Or maybe you have some sort of idea how your body will look and you would just like to go ahead…don’t worry about how healthy you will look…and don’t worry about how healthy your mind is going to be, except it’s not all about how you LOOK!