If you’re trying to give up smoking then one of the most effective methods available to you is the substituting a vape for your cigarette habit.

This has lots of advantages: rather than gums or patches, you get to keep the habitual gesture of raising something to your mouth and inhaling. You get a direct dose of the addictive compound in nicotine to settle your cravings when you need it, without any of the harmful extras you find in cigarettes. Finally, you can customise your vapes with different flavours, like the ones from riot squad, and additives well beyond simply choosing between different levels of tar or whether you want your cigarettes menthol-flavoured or not.

It’s this creative side of vaping we’re looking at today, to give you option for getting creative!


One of the most creative and exciting things you can do is look into the world of CBD vapes.

CBD products have recently become more widely available in the wake of a historic report from the World Health Organisation that found no potential for them to form addictive pathways in the brain. Decoupling them from that harmful reputation, and the results of some important early clinicial trials in using cannabinoid products to manage some cancers and severe epileptic conditions have lead to a proliferation of CBD products on the market.

It’s important to note that there are no definitive medical opinions yet on the uses of CBD in humans, but many people are finding it useful in managing chronic pain, reducing the impact of depression and anxiety and helping to promote healthy sleep.

Adding charging your vape with CBD oil lets you get a hit of the new trend in wellness that’s absorbed quickly by your body so it can get right to work! This lets you use CBD oil to treat acute pain and distress rather than as a background management of chronic conditions – though we must emphasise that its health benefits haven’t yet been borne out in clinical tests.


With so many different flavours of vape juice (or ‘eliquid’) on offer, getting off the beaten trail to try new choices can be difficult. Decision paralysis is very real, and you might find yourself sticking your old favourites, even when you really want to branch out.

The answer is, paradoxically, to take the choice out of your hands! Sign up for a subscription and you’ll get different flavours delivered every month, forcing you to broaden your palette and try new things!