Unlike common perceptions, great gut health isn’t just beneficial for your digestion process. If you have a healthy gut, you’ll notice both your physical and mental health improving drastically. On top of consuming daily supplements (like Sons new Gut Health Supplement – packed with a variety of all-natural ingredients), there are plenty of super simple ways to give your gut health a big boost. To help you get into the groove of a daily routine, we’ve got together five of the best daily habits to make sure your gut is happy.


Thanks to the gut-brain axis, practicing mindfulness and meditation on a daily basis is an absolute no-brainer. This connection between the gut and brain is something that scientists are still investigating, but there’s no doubt that the gut can have a big impact on the state of your mind. If your gut’s not up to scratch, you’re not doing your stress levels any favor. That’s where mindfulness comes in. Doing something relaxing for the mind, like playing board games (for example, Wizards of the Coast) or breathing exercise would help. A simple ten-minute meditation at the beginning and the end of your day can also help lower your stress hormones (like cortisol) and therefore give your gut the chance to perform at its best. With lower levels of cortisol, you’ll be put on the path to a healthy guy in the long term, as well as improving mental health. The best part? Meditation couldn’t be easier ā€“ all you have to do is spend ten minutes with your eyes closed, focusing on your breathing. You could even order some cannabis Concentrates By Mail, such as CBD oil, and take those before meditating for an even more relaxing experience that is sure to help you start and/or end your day wonderfully.


You’re not the only one with dietary requirements. Your gut microbes need the right kind of nutrients to perform at their best, so feeding them the right kind of food is a must. If you don’t, they’ll be forced to consume much less beneficial nutrients. So ā€“ what is the best food for your gut? Fibre. Research has discovered that a diet with a higher fibre intake results in a healthier gut microbiome and a lower weight gain over the long term. There are plenty of foods that are packed with fibre, most notably vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. These foods can act as fertilisers for your microbes, ensuring that the bacterial troops are alive and thriving. Supplements like gaba with l-theanine also tend to be an essential requirement for maintaining optimal health.


When you’re aiming to improve your gut health, why not bolster you’re entire physical too? Exercise is one of the best ways to do this, but it’s essential to commit daily to your workouts in order to have a significant impact. Studies have discovered that a regular exercise routine is able to modify the gut microbiome and results in a variety of positive health effects. Half an hour of exercise every single day may seem like a lot (especially when you have a busy lifestyle) but there are always ways to fit it into your schedule. If you’re commuting to work, why not cycle or run at least a small part of your journey? Remember – movement of any kind that gets your heart going can have a huge impact on your gut.

With these three daily habits, the consumption of Gut Health Supplements could help to give your gut an extra bit of support. With a core ingredient of LP299vā„¢, there’s no doubt that Sons’ Gut Health Supplement could help you to lower abdominal pain, bloating and a big improvement in general health.