With warm clothes, cosy nights and Christmas just around the corner, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to winter. Remember to schedule in a few days of rest and relaxation during this time of the year instead of booking all your holiday days during the summer. When the temperature drops there are still plenty of enjoyable activities to partake in, just take a look at the ideas below:

Head Into The City For Dinner and The Theatre 

Is there anything better to look forward to than an evening filled with dinner and a show? Especially if you’re heading into the bright lights of the capital to do so, London offers some of the finest cuisine and outstanding theatre shows in the whole world and draws tourists from all over the globe to have a slice of the action. Sort your travel plans in advance and book a hotel if you think it’s necessary, whichever is going to make the evening most enjoyable. Head to the West End to Watch Wicked or The Lion King; you won’t be disappointed with the performance. 

Relax At Home With A Mobile Spa

If you don’t fancy heading out into the cold on a grey winter’s day, why not bring the luxuries of a spa treatment to your home. Invite your friends round for an evening of self-care and watch as your worries fade away when you’re on the massage table. Your skin can get terribly dry when the elements are harsher, so lots of essential oils will do it the world of good at this time of year. 

Research companies that offer qualified therapists that will come straight to your door and fulfil all your spa and massage needs. 

Head To The Country For A Rustic Weekend

A weekend at a country retreat is a wonderful way to spend time during the winter. Wrap up warm and brave the cold air, heading out on a footpath to the local public house. Warm your hands around the open fire, and play a few rounds of cards, before heading back to your hotel for dinner. The Cotswolds are a beautiful place to visit, especially when the famous yellow stone houses are covered in snow, and you’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into the film set of The Holiday. Remember to pack a weekend bag with all your essentials such as toiletries and mobile devices. 


Having a hobby that allows you to have time to yourself is a perfect way to unwind this winter. With plenty of different flavours and mods available to buy from ultimatejuice.co.uk, you can make the most of your vaporiser equipment. Taking five minutes out from a busy working day, or while you are out and about to vape will help you feel relaxed and is something that is perfect to help you have some alone time. If you want to purchase some different vape cartridges that could improve your mental wellness, it might be worth looking for a dispensary like Mankind Dispensary. That dispensary has special promotions, so some people may want to see more of their vaping products.

Head Abroad For Some Summer SunIf the thought of your tan fading and months of grey weather fills you with dread then it’s time to book a holiday for some much-needed winter sun, it’s a great way to unwind and recharge if you’re a real sun worshipper. Heading abroad at this time of year can be beneficial as it’s off-peak so you’ll find some brilliant deals and discounts on offer. You’ll probably have to travel long haul to reach the destinations hot enough for sunbathing, but it’ll be well worth the wait when you get there.