Diabetes is a nasty disease. It can cause blindness, can lead to limb amputation, and it can kill in the most extreme cases. So knowing what the symptoms of diabetes are and going to see your doctor as soon as you notice them can be all-important. Although diabetes can’t be cured, it can be managed, but only if you catch it at the start.

Hungrier And More Fatigued Than Usual

The food you eat is converted in a number of different nutrients to be distributed around the body and keep it working as it should. If you have diabetes, then you don’t have enough insulin in your body. Insulin helps to convert sugars into glucose – glucose is used to give your body energy. This means that if you have undiagnosed diabetes, you will be hungrier (because your body is demanding more nutrients) and more tired (because your body is unable to make energy) than before.

Thirstier And Using The Bathroom More Often

Most people urinate between four and seven times every 24 hours. However, if you have diabetes you will need to pee a lot more than that. This is because your body is unable to reabsorb the glucose into your body, and this excess glucose creates more urine. You’ll be a lot thirstier than normal too because your body needs fluids to make all that pee. Drinking more will add to the number of times you need to urinate, so you’ll be going a lot.

Itchy Skin And A Dry Mouth

There is a lot less moisture in your body in general if you are going to the bathroom more often than usual, so you could run the risk of becoming dehydrated. This will cause your skin to become dry and itchy, and your mouth to be dry too. Dehydration can even cause you to have blurred vision too because without enough moisture the lenses in your eyes will swell.

More Yeast Infections

Although more prevalent in women, men can also be subject to uncomfortable yeast infections – and it’s another sign of diabetes. Yeast eats glucose, and when you are a diabetic, you have a lot of glucose in your body. This means there is more chance for the yeast to find a good food source, and that will lead to infections. Yeast infections can be found in any moist area of the body such as between fingers and toes, underneath breasts, and around your private areas. There are medicines that can cure this, and if you have any queries about them, you can find out more at Side Effect Answers.

Slow Healing Wounds

The longer it goes on unchecked, the more having high blood sugar can affect your body. In particular, it can affect how your blood is able to flow, and this, in turn, causes nerve damage because the blood and all its nutrients (including oxygen) aren’t getting to where they’re supposed to go. This nerve damage makes it hard for wounds to heal quickly. It can also lead to numbness in the limbs.