As an elite level athlete finding something that is actually going to make a difference to your performance, whether it be a new training regime or piece of equipment can become more challenging as your skill and condition develop.

The basics are very important. You need to be looking after what you eat and how you fuel your workouts, but once you have all of this nailed it can be difficult to know where to go from there.

This is why many elite-level athletes are now looking at leg compression boots and how they can help you truly increase your performance in the gym and on the sports field. In this week’s blog, we take a look at what leg compression boots are, who you can get them from and why you should consider them for your recovery going forward.

What are leg compression boots?

Leg compression boots are a recovery device that can help to reduce swelling and inflammation in the lower body, specifically the legs. They are popular methods of recovering after an intense workout and are used by many professional athletes around the world.

Leg compression boots work differently from cold water therapy in that they do not restrict the blood vessels. This allows for more free-flowing movement of the blood which leads to better overall recovery by allowing the cells to recover faster.

Where can you get leg compression boots?

When it comes to places to order leg compression boots from, the most reputable brand on the market is Normatec. They manufacture high-quality leg compression boots in a variety of specifications.

Distribution partners such as Recoverfit mean that you can get access to the boots around the world. At a reasonable price with enough of a warranty to give you plenty of peace of mind.

What are the benefits of leg compression boots?

Some of the benefits that you can get from leg compression boots include reduced recovery time and an overall increase in well-being. Also, they work well for targeting areas of pain in the legs and increasing blood flow without the use of ice therapy. Many athletes also use them when prepping for a competition.

The benefits of leg compression boots may come with a fairly hefty price tag but they may be worth investing in if you want to take your performance up a notch in 2021.