Health and safety should be of paramount concern in the workplace, particularly since many of the world’s employees are still feeling apprehensive about returning to the office.

Moreover, in order to reduce the chance of accidents or health damage, businesses must ensure that their equipment is maintained correctly, and if necessary, replace old or obsolete equipment, such as man lifts and mobile platforms, with newer ones from companies such as Platforms and Ladders (find out more info). As a matter of health and safety law, employers must minimize risks to employees. An employer has a legal obligation to ensure that any equipment supplied for work purposes is safe and doesn’t pose a long-term health risk to employees.

Making sure that your employees are offered the space and support they need to feel happy and healthy is one of the first steps toward creating a positive working environment.

A dependable and comprehensive first aid kit is a crucial inclusion in any workplace, no matter the industry.

If you need some help in building your own first aid kit, here are some pointers on what to include.

Adhesive Bandages

The mainstay of any good first aid kit, the ever-versatile adhesive bandage is a critical inclusion.

Equipment to manipulate the bandages to cater for a specific situation is also a must, such as medical scissors, tape and tweezers.

If you are unsure as to what you need to include in order to comply with the OSHA (occupational health and safety administration) regulations, it is worth noting that you can buy dependable industrial first aid kits online.

This way, you can be sure that you do not accidently leave out any essentials that you might one day need.

Burn Care

Burns can be difficult to deal with, they need to be addressed as soon as possible in order to accelerate the healing process and reduce pain.

Over 5000 work related burn injuries occur every year in the US, so taking steps to protect your own workers from this very real threat is vital in developing a secure and comfortable workspace.

Burn dressing, cream, gel and cold packs are all important inclusions for a well-rounded and reliable first aid kit.

Eye Wash

Eye injuries can be frightening and immensely painful. By making sure that you have the treatment on hand should one of your employees suffer an eye injury is imperative, as it can help minimize the problem as soon as possible.

Damage to the eye can occur from a range of various areas in the workplace, but some of the more common injuries might result from:

  • Dust or other foreign particles irritating the eye
  • Harmful chemicals hitting the eye
  • Burns

Depending on the injury, interference might only make it worse, so if one of your employees does suffer an eye injury, make sure to seek professional medical help immediately.

Pain Relief Medicine

Coping with the pain of a workplace related injury can be excruciating, so be sure to get hold of some decent pain relief medication for your first aid kit.

Before you obtain the medicine however, make sure you are aware of the potential risks that pain killers can bring – this can help you choose the right one.

First Aid Training

If you can manage to offer your employees great first aid training, you can essentially supply them with the tools they need to navigate their own injuries should they need to.

Workplace injuries can and do happen, so putting measures in place to protect your employees should be among your top priorities.