There’s no question that after intense exercise a period of recovery is needed, whether this is immediately after for a short period or having a rest day to allow the body to catch up. There are many different methods of sports recovery which are effective for any sort of exercise, and one of these products is Normatec’s boots.

The patented technology in Normatec’s boots aids recovery post-workout through massaging the legs, increasing circulation. But wearing these boots begs the question, what sports would benefit the most in recovery? With the boots targeting recovery in the legs, it is fairly obvious any sport which requires excessive use of the lower half of the body would be purposeful in this respect, but which ones specifically? Keep on reading to find out just a few of the sports!

  • Football

There’s no doubt football requires a lot of use of the leg muscles, not only through kicking but sprinting in short bursts works the major muscle groups; hamstrings, quads and calves. Normatec’s boots, with its patented technology through special massage technology, increase blood flow in the legs reducing pain and soreness. There’s no doubt the boots from Normatec would aid recovery for footballers, as it covers the length of the legs and targets all the major muscle groups.

Famous athletes such as Neymar use the boots from Normatec for recovery, so football is one example that would benefit from its use. Being arguably the most popular sport in the world, it would seem a lot of people would benefit from using Normatec boots for recovery!

  • Cricket

Similar to football, cricket can involve lots of short sprints depending on your position. Whether you’re a bowler who does this repetitively 6 times for different periods, or a batter who has to run across the wicket scoring runs, or a fielder who doesn’t just stand around! Explosive use of the legs in short bursts will work the major muscle groups, so using Normatec boots will help recovery for cricketers post match, such as Stuart Broad who is seen wearing them.

  • Boxing

Whilst it is a very upper body focused sport, boxing takes its toll on the legs. Specifically around the hip including your glutes which is the biggest muscle in the body. As the boxer pivots to punch, whether it’s an opponent or a punching bag, the rotation works both the upper and lower part of the legs. Normatec boots will aid recovery in the areas of the calves and the thighs after a physical workout, just ask Anthony Joshua!

  • Tennis

A lot of cardio is required when playing Tennis, running around the court on and off or for a long rally, can take its toll on the legs and ankles of the player. Increased circulation from the Normatec boots can aid recovery post match to benefit the athlete getting back to normal.


Above are just a few examples of what sports would benefit from Normatec boots in the recovery period. Basically any sport which works the lower half of the body, this can include sports which require a lot of cardio such as running or swimming. Normatec boots have great application across a different number of activities!