One of the best things your local government can do for the community is allocate some of the local public works budget towards a project such as sports hall construction and perhaps the construction of other community centres. Any organised activity that encourages community members to gather regularly and do something together is great for the development of that local community, but organised sport in particular is good for your health, offering a number of benefits.

Naturally, there are some rather obvious health benefits of participating in organised sports, the most widely promoted of which have a lot to do with ensuring you get regular exercise. That can only be good for both your physical and mental health. So if you play something like action cricket for example, pretty much every single part of your body would be getting regular exercise that falls within a very natural range of motion, requiring you to not only engage in the activity physically, but mentally too.

There are many not-so-obvious benefits of regular sports participation to your health too. Many of these you won’t even know about until there is a problem which highlights just how lucky you were to not have been a victim of that problem. For example, how could you possibly know that the fabric roof used in the construction of more modern sports facilities is better for the air quality enjoyed inside those sporting facilities hosting indoor sports?

In the same way, since you won’t wake up one day with a splitting pain in the hip that seemingly comes out of nowhere, how would you know that it was your sustained efforts out in the field or courts which prevented this from becoming an immediate reality you would have otherwise had to deal with?

So if you can, please make the time to participate in organised sports. The more competitive it is, the better, but it should still make for the kind of fun which will have you looking forward to it instead of dreading every next session.