The reason why ecigarettes have had such massive success compared to other “stop-smoking” products is because they offer a “cigarette-like” experience, which basically allows smokers to tackle their addiction one step at a time, while massively reducing the health damage they are inflicting upon themselves during the process. You can find life insurance for smokers here, and on other websites, to take a look at the financial elements of being a smoker, and why many people are switching to ecigarettes.

Nicotine, carcinogens and smoke

One of the ironies of smoking is that although nicotine is the chemical which makes smoking addictive (and is certainly not good for you), it is not, actually one of the major causes of cancer amongst smokers. In fact, out of all the many carcinogens in traditional tobacco products, the most damaging by far is the tar which is produced as a by-product of burning tobacco and ingested by smokers as they inhale (even accidentally). The main health benefits of ecigarettes all revolve around the fact that they produce vapour instead of smoke and hence eliminate the issues caused by smoke, including, and especially, the presence of tar. Smoking reggie weed or medical marijuana using smoking equipment ( for example, bongs, dab rigs, etc.) is also much healthier than smoking a cigarette because there is no tar or other toxic substances present. Even for those wishing to try marijuana from a recreational standpoint, could gain from picking out different types of equipment conducive for ‘toking up’. Of course, you might want to purchase it at a reliable smoke shop like The Freeze Pipe; just a thought!

Lower risk of cancer

Assuming you are buying quality ecigarettes and eliquid from reputable suppliers and using them properly then you reduce your risk of cancer. There are two main reasons for this. The first is the fact that ecigarettes eliminate the production of tar, which is the major carcinogen. The second is that ecigarettes function at a much lower temperature than regular cigarettes (they are heating eliquid rather than burning tobacco) which means that they release fewer harmful chemicals, hence reducing a person’s overall exposure to the remaining carcinogens. Studies which suggest otherwise tend to focus on conditions which would simply not apply in the real world, e.g. heating eliquids to a temperature which would make them taste so unpleasant anyone would realize that there was a problem with them.

Lower risk of respiratory conditions

Again, this goes back to the issue of tar, which can, quite literally, block up a person’s airways and cause (or exacerbate) a range of respiratory conditions including bronchitis and emphysema. It’s also worth noting that ecigarettes are much less likely to trigger “smoker’s cough” than regular tobacco products, which means that it is easier to identify a cough which has been caused by a distinct health issue, whether that’s the common cold or something more serious, and to take action accordingly, rather than just ignoring it and assuming that it was just caused by smoking.

Better oral hygiene

Traditional smoking and bad breath go essentially hand-in-hand. While this may not, per se, be a health issue, as with coughing, it can mask other health issues and it can certainly be a problem when it comes to interacting with other people. Similarly the classic “yellow-teeth” look is unlikely to be considered attractive these days. Even if you are prepared to accept both of these issues, there is still the fact that there are very close links between traditional smoking and gum disease. The reason for this is that traditional smoking not only encourages the development of bacterial plaque but also constrains the level of oxygen in the bloodstream making it harder for infected gums to heal. Consequently, traditional smokers have a much higher risk of needlessly losing teeth.

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