We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. It sets you up ready for the next day and ensures your body is well rested from the day before. Anywhere between 8-10 hours a day is generally considered the right amount for your body and is essential for your health and wellbeing. A number of studies have shown that increasing the amount of sleep you get (not to overdo it though!) correlates to increased performance by athletes who play sports such as Basketball. So there is no doubt that sleep is an important part of anyone’s recovery, athlete or not. Furthermore, it has the opposite effect as a lack of sleep can lead to poor performance, as sleep deprivation causes delayed responses leading to poorer performance. And not giving your body the time it needs to recover fully.

Normatec offers a range of products focused on recovery, namely the boots which massage the legs to increase blood flow and speed up the recovery process. These Normatec boots have been worn by many leading athletes such as Anthony Joshua. Whereas most of us differ from AJ (mainly not being one of the best boxers in the world!) as we do not have a strict exercise routine ensuring we are getting enough of everything when it comes to making the most out of our workouts/routines, namely because it isn’t our job compared to a top athlete. Therefore this blog will look at the importance of sleep and whilst Normatec offers many benefits, this should be focused on before looking at your recovery outside of sleep so keep on reading to find out more!

Importance of sleep for recovery

Put simply your muscles will not recover properly from the day before if you do not get enough sleep. One of the great benefits of exercise in itself is helping us sleep better, as the body and muscles are more tired. Your body releases hormones whilst you sleep to help recovery, so taking advantage of all the natural responses from your body when it comes to recovery is as important as using recovery products such as the ones from Normatec.

After a good night’s sleep we all know how good it can feel waking up fresh in the morning. In comparison to a bad night’s sleep, we often feel groggy and struggle to keep up throughout the day. It is important the body is well rested and fully recovered, especially for athletes who have had a day of training or whether you are a non-athlete who has had a tough workout at the gym. Normatec recovery products can help speed up the recovery process to get your muscles back to feeling fresh, but these have been designed in mind to be used in conjunction with a good night’s sleep as well to get the full benefit. If for example when you were looking at your recovery and just focused on using Normatec products and not looking after yourself through sleep, you won’t benefit from a full recovery and feeling refreshed as the body will still be playing catch up from the night before. So make sure you are getting enough sleep!