The long and hopefully glorious months of summer are stretching out in front of us, and many people have all kinds of exciting adventures planned, whether at home or far away. For smokers, though, and especially those who cannot go for long spells without a cigarette, there are lots of dilemmas: how to travel while still getting your nicotine hit and what to do when in company and wanting to have a cigarette but knowing that everyone would frown on such an unhealthy activity, for them as well as you?

It’s no wonder that some people, when faced with such seemingly insurmountable problems, just decide to do little or nothing and stay at home. That’s a pity, as for most people, this is the only time of the year when it’s really possible to get out and about and do all sorts of interesting activities. And then there’s the whole health-ruining side of things for smokers, as it means energy levels are usually far lower compared to non-smokers, due to not getting enough oxygen, and there’s often a general malaise or lethargy that can make even doing the smallest things a big chore.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Today, there exists a real and workable solution to smokers’ woes, whether they’re planning summer hijinks or just going about their day and wanting to feel better. It’s the e-cigarette — the tiny device that has ballooned in popularity in recent years and helped to get millions of smokers around the world off cigarettes and into a whole new healthy and active lifestyle. You can still get your nicotine while avoiding the many toxic chemicals found in burning tobacco; nicotine is not, after all, believed to be harmful to adults, even though it’s highly addictive. 

Hitting the Road with E-Cigs

Switching from cigarettes to vapes couldn’t be easier, and it’s likely you’ll have seen many vape shops in your local town or city, as well as online vape stores where you can get everything you need. You can start off with a vape kit, like the popular Phix, which will contain all the vaping essentials and may even come with free e-liquid. If you’re a heavy smoker, choose a high-strength nicotine e-liquid or one with a salt nic base that will give you a greater nicotine hit; and if you’re a moderate or casual smoker, go for medium or low strengths. It’s important to get your nicotine level right; otherwise, you might not be satisfied and go back to cigarettes. 

When you’re heading out on your summer travels, it’s also vital to be aware that travelling with vape gear is different to cigarettes. They are, after all, delicate electronic equipment, and must be properly taken care of or they might malfunction or even cause problems. 

So you can’t, for instance, just pack your Phix starter kit into your check-in luggage, if you’re flying, the way you might do with cartons of cigarettes. Most airlines and aviation authorities will not allow this in case of battery or other issues with your vape gear while in the air. Instead, you will have to carry them on board with you, either in your pockets or carry-on baggage. Just don’t do what one unfortunate traveller did recently and vape while in-flight (resulting in a lifetime ban). 

In the Company of Vapes

Just because you’re now vaping instead of smoking, and feeling like a totally new person, doesn’t mean you can vape wherever you happen to be. The same rules, more or less, apply, whether you’re smoking outside your home or vaping, and let’s not forget that because vapes are still relatively new — they’ve only really been around for a few years — not everyone knows what they are. Even though you might be casually vaping away in public, and blowing big vapour clouds, there’s always the possibility that people around you might think you’re smoking and potentially harming them with secondhand-smoke exposure. 

So if you’re attending outdoor parties or BBQs this summer or relaxing with friends or family by the pool or at the beach, it’s always best to ask if anyone minds if you vape. And something else to keep in mind: if you’re heading abroad, check your destination’s laws on vaping, as not every country allows it and some have hefty fines and even jail terms for those who vape in their land. 

Be prepared for every eventuality, and enjoy your summer vaping instead of smoking.